Discover a one-click way to photos you feel proud of.

to share your photos freely and confidently.

Maybe you've always wanted...

you're always saying, "This photo just doesn't do it justice!"

Maybe you're frustrated because...

you can't quite get the lighting right; photos appear too dark or too bright.

Maybe you've found...

When you scroll through your phone, what do you see? Chances are, you see hundreds —  maybe even thousands — of photos just waiting to be revisited.

You see the faces of people you love and cherish. The moments — beautiful celebrations and ordinary, everyday moments — you knew you'd eventually want to look back on.

Chances are, you want more for your photos than to have them quickly scrolled past every now and then.

Maybe you'd love to celebrate the photos you captured — maybe you'd love to share them, or frame them... but something is missing.

well-lived and well-loved.

well-lived and well-


Your Photos tell the story of a life

Your photos are worthy of being celebrated and shared.

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For an emotive, dark, and warm aesthetic, choose our Emotive and Dark Presets. 

Emotive and Dark


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For a neutral, warm, and cozy aesthetic, choose our Neutral and Warm presets. 

Neutral and Warm


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For a crisp, light, airy aesthetic, choose our Crisp and Bright presets. Brighten and enhance every detail.

Crisp and Bright


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Your photos, beautifully enhanced with just          click.


Introducing, The Preset Market: Mobile Lightroom Presets

i want this for my photos! ⟶

- Caryssa O'Connell

"Not only will I use these for enhancing my social media pictures, but they turn my sub-par iPhone photos into ones that will look so pretty printed and framed in my home! The bundle has a preset that works for any photo, and they WORK MAGIC!"

"I know I can transform any photo to look totally Instagram worthy!"


- heather douglas

"It really takes the guesswork out of photo editing and makes it a pain-free experience. I would recommend these presets to anyone who is wanting to save time and money on creating a unified, professionally-edited series of photos!"

"It really takes the guesswork out of photo editing!"


We're based in Minneapolis, Minnesota — and our presets are available for your use worldwide.

Travel photos are some of our favorites kinds of photos to see, so be sure to tag #ThePresetMarket on Instagram!

Every preset was expertly-created by nationally-recognized professional photographer, Tarah Munter of Tarah Elise Photography

Follow along with our adventures @ThePresetMarket — and discover how The Preset Market's presets are used by people all over the world.

Together, Kelly and Andra also co-founded With Grace and Gold, a brand and web design company.






Fun Facts About Our Team

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It's our promise.

Choose your preset style, enhance your photos — and know your life, your big moments, and your small moments are all worth celebrating and sharing.

Maybe there's a photo of a loved one you cherish, maybe there's a photo you've captured and feel especially proud of, or maybe you wish photos played a more central role in your daily living. You know moments — big and small — are worth celebrating, and you're ready to keep celebrating.

Two families who believe friendship should feel more like family, who believe in the life-changing power of a warm hug, and who believe every person's life is worthy of honoring and celebrating.

We are Ben and Kelly Zugay and Brent and Andra Barkey, and we are the hearts behind The Preset Market. Here, we offer easy-to-use mobile Lightroom presets to help you capture and enhance your photos beautifully.

We want you to enhance the photos you love — and even the photos you don't love (Did I blink again?) simply because they're yours. Whether you capture photos to cherish now, or you capture photos for loved ones to look back on in the years ahead — every photo matters.

The Preset Market was created by two families with a shared passion for making, preserving, and sharing moments — big and small.

If you are like us, you know the value of a photo.

Ben, Kelly, Andra, and Brent

Behind The Preset Market

The Hearts

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