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What are mobile Lightroom presets?

Mobile Lightroom presets are, essentially, professional photo filters you can use within a free photo editing app called Lightroom. Mobile Lightroom presets allow you to enhance your phone's photos with just the click of a button, creating share-worthy, frame-worthy photos from your phone ⁠— with just a tap! 

Do I need a special app to use the presets?

Yes, you'll need to download the free mobile Lightroom app to use your presets. The mobile Lightroom app is completely free to download and use, so it's simply a matter of finding the mobile Lightroom app in your App Store, and clicking "Download!"

How do I download and use the presets?

Following your purchase, you'll receive access to The Preset Market Portal, an exclusive online space for customers of The Preset Market. There, you'll be find a comprehensive step-by-step guide, which shares how to download and use your mobile Lightroom presets seamlessly and successfully.

Which preset bundle should I pick?

At The Preset Market, we offer 3 unique bundles of mobile Lightroom presets: Crisp and Bright Presets, Neutral and Warm Presets, and Emotive and Dark Presets. Do you prefer bright photos, emotive photos ⁠— or a style in between? Use our Preset Style Quiz to discover the best preset bundle for you!

Can I do more than apply the preset? 

Of course! Within the mobile Lightroom app, you'll be able to adjust every aspect of the photo you're enhancing. Within The Preset Market Portal, you'll discover our tips regarding which Lightroom settings to adjust and how they'll work to further enhance your photo.

How do I take better photos using my phone?

In The Preset Market Journal, we share our guidance regarding better phone photography. Within our Journal, you'll discover a wide variety of content designed to not only help you use our presets, but also to help you become a stronger phone photographer.

Why should I choose these presets?

The Preset Market's presets were professionally-created by a leading professional photographer, Tarah Munter of Tarah Elise Photography. Each preset was carefully created, personally tested, and beta tested to ensure each preset is high-quality, versatile, and applicable to various subjects, various lighting, and more. 

Can I receive a refund? 

Your happiness is our top priority! However, due to the digital nature of The Preset Market's mobile Lightroom presets, refunds are unavailable. If you'd like our personal assistance in using your presets, please email us at We are eager to ensure you are 110% happy with your purchase!

Who are these presets for?

These presets are for... you! With your one-time payment, you can easily enhance everyday images you capture - from your children and family, to your travels and adventures. These presets are created with the everyday person in mind. We even provide you with tools and tips for capturing better images using only your phone.

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For an emotive, dark, and warm aesthetic, choose our Emotive and Dark Presets. 

Emotive and Dark


Shop this preset Style ⟶

For a neutral, warm, and cozy aesthetic, choose our Neutral and Warm presets. 

Neutral and Warm


Shop this preset Style ⟶

For a crisp, light, airy aesthetic, choose our Crisp and Bright presets. Brighten and enhance every detail.

Crisp and Bright


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